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GE Telecom have a voice solution for every business – whether you need one or more phone lines to your office, have a virtual office and need an incoming number giving the impression of one or more geographical locations, or a full onsite or hosted PBX system we’re here to help.


Call us now on 0330 223 3434 or get in touch to see how a solution from GE Telecom could save your business money.  We can tailor a package to meet your needs including lines, calls, inbound numbers and non-geographic numbers such as 0800, connectivity and mobiles; all at highly competitive rates – the more services you take from us the simpler it is for you and the more you can save.

 GET Business Phone Lines


If you need a simple phone package that’s incredibly affordable, look no further.  For small businesses that need a phone line for UK and international calls.

Simple, hassle free transfers
Keep your existing line and number
BT Openreach will still maintain your line

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24 month

Line Rental

BT Business

24 month

Line Rental

Save 24% with GET Phone Lines

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 Calls and Minutes


Our standard call packages offer incredible savings against BT Business tariffs, however we can tailor a call package or bundle specifically to your needs.  Do you call an international destination regularly? Do you make the majority of your calls to mobiles? No problem – we can offer you discounted call rates to the numbers or destinations that you call most often.

Call savings and minutes bundles aren’t just available on our Landlines – we have competitive VoIP bundles too.  So no matter how you route your voice calls, GE Telecom can help.

Savings available on both Landline and VoIP calls
Call packages and charges to suit your business
Inclusive minutes bundles and free calls available

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Local/National Call Savings


0870 Call Savings


Mobile Call Savings (Up to)


Hosted VoIP

Simple, hassle free and low cost set-up and scalability

Full failover and disaster recovery options

Fully featured PBX with IVR, Call Trees, Hunt Groups etc

Connect your phone from anywhere in the world

Find out how your business could benefit from VoIP

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If you need inbound numbers giving the impression of different geographical locations, or you want lo-call rate or freephone non-geographical numbers, Hosted VoIP is an excellent solution for you.

Give your staff the ability to have their desk number routed to an IP phone at home to allow flexible working and have them connected to your phone system as if they were still in the office. Seamlessly transfer calls between office based staff and employees working at home or anywhere else in the world, or have call trees, hunt groups and an IVR system that include extensions in any number of different locations.

Simple to set up and easy and hassle free to scale up or down, using your existing internet connectivity, you can have a fully featured and easily customisable professional PBX system without the need for investment in expensive equipment or miles of new cabling.  Moving desk or even office is just as easy whether its next door or half way around the world. Simply plug your existing phone into a compatible internet connection and pick up right where you left off.

Our hosted VoIP solutions come with full business continuity and disaster recovery features.  Should the worst happen, and your internet connection or phone line fail or your office suffer from a fire or flooding, at the touch of a button or click of a mouse, you can have all your calls diverted to alternative landline or mobile numbers.  Can your business afford to be without your phones for a few minutes, let alone hours or days? If the answer is no, then VoIP may be the solution for you.


Business Mobiles

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